Nectar's Restaurant Live Music in Burlington, Vermont!

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Sponsored by Magic Hat Brewing Company
Mardi Gras Celebration ft. Bella’s Bartok, Swift Technique, PitchBlak Brass Band, smalltalker, People’s Blues of Richmond, The New Review, & more!

All ages & FREE until 7pm!

2017 Schedule
12-1:30pm The Tenderbellies
1-3pm Doctor Rick
3-4pm PARADE!
4-5:15pm The New Review
5:30-6:45pm People’s Blues of Richmond
7-8:15pm smalltalker
8:30-10pm PitchBlak Brass Band
10:15-11:45pm Swift Technique
12-2am Bella’s Bartok

Saturday, March 11, 2017

11:00am to 2:00am

All Ages FREE until 7pm! 21+ $7 after 7pm!

Bella's Bartok

Maybe you had a bad day, maybe you thought it was unredeemable. Maybe you have a cold and you don’t feel like moving around. Maybe you’re tired, and you think you’re just going to have a quick drink and head home. Maybe you fancy yourself someone who watches a concert quietly from the back, attentively listening. Maybe you’re a mother who’s only here because your daughter needed a ride. Maybe you’re a seventy-year-old man who walks with a cane.

In a few seconds, it’s not going to matter who you are.

When the Balkan-inspired, circusy sound of Bella’s Bartok hits your ears, you are no longer in control. You are out of your seat and you’re bouncing up and down, and soon your arms are flailing and you’re smiling and screaming. Your bad day, your cold, your fatigue have all vanished, and it’s not even the end of the first song.

Bella’s Bartok makes everyone dance, regardless. From living rooms to concert halls, alleyways to weddings, the band’s energy makes getting up and moving irresistible. Without fail, someone from the audience comes up after every single show and says the same thing: “I couldn’t help it.”

Bella’s Bartok brings the desperate wail of the blues, the melodic timbre of a choir and the block-rocking beats of your favorite Hungarian dance hall. Seven piece, multi-instrumentalist groove-making extra-ordinaires from Northampton, MA.

PitchBlak Brass Band

Hip Hop music has always been unafraid to push boundaries. Perhaps because it simultaneously came from nothing yet came from everything, the genre stands alone in how creatively outside influences can be incorporated into its musical mix.

PitchBlak Brass Band uses the epic sounds of tubas, trombones, saxophones and other typically non-hip hop instruments in the spirit of The Roots and some of rap’s iconic live bands, to deliver an energy that samples, loops and breakbeats can’t always capture. Their blend of soundscapes and lyrical exuberance creates a grand adventure in listening, one that can hold the attention of music fans from across a fairly wide spectrum.

smalltalker (ft. members of Smooth Antics & more!)

The name smalltalker refers in part to the shmooze, the how’s-the-weather, the “welp…”, aspect to the music. It’s an afternoon on the beach under a palm tree with a beautiful woman that doesn’t really like you that much but she’s trying to get back at her ex and you don’t really mind cause you don’t really like her that much either.

Nico Osborne – Guitar/Trumpet/Vox
Danny Whitney – Keys
Doug Standley – Drums
Mike Dondero – Bass/Vox
Chris Jordan – Guitar
Claire Sammut – Vocals
Steph Heaghney – Vocals
Max Mellman – Trombone
Rob Debruyn – Sax
Gerard Marcus – Trumpet

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