Nectar's Restaurant Live Music in Burlington, Vermont!

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Andriana Chobot Trio

w/ Mal Maiz & Friends and Josh Glass

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bar & Restaurant: 5:00pm

Doors: 9:00pm

Show: 9:00pm

18+ $5 // 21+ FREE

Andriana Chobot

Having spent twenty-four years as a professional human being and slightly less than that as a pianist, Andriana Chobot is bringing her talents to the world. Having picked up the piano at the young age of 4, Andriana started to write songs in her junior year of high school initially classical compositions, gradually evolving into what you hear today. Now, nearly twenty years after her first encounters with her weapon of choice, and having studied Theatre, she says she loves performing whether it’s music or dramatic plays onstage.For music, she says her sound is getting more experimental as time passes, but insists that she “couldn’t even try” to define it, saying, “What I hear in my dream thought bubble is different than what you hear. And I wouldn’t want to burst your bubble.” Nonetheless, Andriana cites influences as varied as Regina Spektor, the Beatles, and those rare times when it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time.

As for what else has brought her talents to where they are now, Andriana credits hard work and to those around her. Family, teachers, and friends. “People are lovely,” she says. “If it weren’t for them, well, it would be a lonely world. And I’d be sitting on the side of the road somewhere begging for change.” With a repertoire that includes well over 40 songs, and various theatre roles, Andriana never stops doing what she loves, though she apparently has little say in the matter: “There’s this crazy red energizer bunny in me that just keeps going and going. I’m not sure why, but it’s beating its drum and I don’t really have a choice.” New Album ‘Cascade’ available on CD Baby & iTunes!

Mal Maiz

Vermont based Cumbia, Latin, reggae, Afro-Caribbean fusion band led by Maiz Vargas and featuring John Thompson-Figuroa, Tim Lang, Colin Henkel & more.

Joshua Glass

JOSHUA GLASS is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, Vermont who has been steadily gaining praise for his unique musical stylings, impassioned live performances, countless collaborations with other musicians, and busy schedule—playing nearly 100 shows in 2012 alone. “Glass’ voice is reminiscent to Paul McCartney’s, as is his pop-influenced songwriting”, writes THE VERMONT CYNIC. “While he is a proficient guitar player, the piano is clearly Glass’ home. He constantly toys, smiles and rocks out on his 88 keys. His catchy—but not too catchy—lyrics and melodies keep the mood light and the atmosphere enjoyable.” Embracing a “pop sensibility and improvisational style reminiscent of Allen Toussaint” (BURLINGTON CITY ARTS), Joshua, 27, labels his own work as “manic-depressive piano pop”—a blend of blue-eyed soul and handclap-heavy rock, tied together by his haunting and soulful vocals.

 Utilizing a distinct rhythmic, orchestral approach, which SEVEN DAYS’ Henry Soule describes as “coming close to the aural equivalent of imbibing whiskey”, Glass regularly exhibits his craft as a solo performer, with folk-duo THE WOEFUL LONELIES (feat. Emily Rozanski), improv-based violin/piano duo GLASS SKY (feat. Emma Sky), and band JOSHUA GLASS & THE MOOD STABILIZERS. In addition to his solo work, Joshua remains active as a backing/session musician, joining the likes of JUSTIN LEVINSON & THE VALCOURS, THE BEERWORTH SISTERS, MYRA FLYNN, TOMMY ALEXANDER (of QUIET LION), AARON FLINN, and others.
For his contributions to the musical community, Joshua was voted by readers of prestigious newspaper SEVEN DAYS as Vermont’s “BEST SIDE MUSICIAN” of 2011. Joshua Glass is currently in the process of recording an album of all-original material titled “SIDETRACKED, BABY”.
Describing his upcoming debut as a record about “being crazy, in love, and crazy in love”, Glass is aiming for a 2013 release date—and staying busy every step of the way.
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