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Metal Monday ft. Achilles

+ Barishi + The Aberration +  Makavrah

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bar & Restaurant: 7:00pm

Doors: 9:00pm

Show: 9:30pm

18+ $5 // 21+ $3


Achilles was born in a shitty, freezing apartment in Jamaica Plain, MA on a February morning in 2013 by longtime brethren, Spencer Murdock and Adrian Eberth. These drunken, half-baked ideas grew into a full-fledged band soon after gaining the epic, skin-beating talents of Patrick Murphy a few months later. Through finding and (later) having to part ways with a second guitarist and bassist, Achilles have recently connected with a new rhythm guitarist, Zach Kressaty.


In a scene that has become largely repetitive, nostalgia driven, and prone to navel gazing, few bands stand out as breaking new ground. With their sophomore full-length ‘Blood from the Lion’s Mouth’, BARISHI demonstrate that it is still possible to challenge the established formulas of the metal genre by recombining its musical DNA.

There is an undeniable progressive undertone in their modern approach to hard guitar based music, but at the same time, the Americans delve into the darker side of extreme sound that defies the happy fret-fingering all too often employed by their peers.

BARISHI were formed by guitarist Graham Brooks, bassist Jon Kelley, and drummer Dylan Blake in Southern Vermont in the spring of 2010.

The US band originally performed as an instrumental trio throughout the east coast of the United States, which they relentlessly toured. Their unique style of gritty progressive metal was completed with the addition of vocalist Sascha Simms in 2012. They have shared the stage with everyone from Mastodon to The Flaming Lips. In 2016 the quartet completed a U.S. tour with Weedeater, Author&Punisher and Today is the Day. They are set to release their much anticipated label debut ‘Blood from the Lion’s Mouth’ September 16th, 2016 on the esteemed Season of Mist record label.

BARISHI provides the listener with earth-shattering grooves and savage vocals born in the verdant mountains of Vermont. Prepare to be pounded on and thunderstruck with ecstatic metal from the ancient hills of New England.

The Aberration

The Aberration races around your mind and on stage! Watch out for sweat blood and spit while axes chop down trees and sticks kill the skins with a brutal stage presence. Our next album, “Don’t Poke The Bear” will be out sometime in 2017. Be prepared.

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