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Auguste & Alden

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 @ Nectar's

Bar & Restaurant: 5:00pm

Doors: 8:00pm

Show: 8:00pm

18+ $5 // 21+ Free

Auguste & Alden

Auguste and Alden is a sister and brother power trio from the East Coast. Previous to their formation in the summer of 2016 they grew up in a home-schooled family touring on the road in a full family band. They experienced many great opportunities over the years and have written a catalog of over 100 songs. Recently what started in the summer of 2016 as a duo performing at open mics and busing on the streets of Provincetown in Cape Cod has led them to winning the big stage competition at Infinity Hall, recording their full-length cd “Road Warrior”, shooting several music videos, and performing 100+ shows this year including major venues such as Infinity Hall, Daryl’s House, NAMM, Rockwood Music Hall, Nectars, Gathering of the Vibes, Soulfest Festival, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric and many more.

Auguste and Alden consists of sister Auguste on Lead vocals and bass, brother Alden on guitar and Lead Vocals and their drummer Sean Lemkey on drums and vocals. Together as a power trio the siblings unique blood harmonies blended by their drummers third part is said to fill the room with a refreshing sound of authenticity of bands who are legends such as Fleetwood Mac, U2, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

The siblings write songs daily and have a passion to connect on and off stage with their fans and audiences. They mission is to bring positive and uplifting songs to their audiences and to inspire people and encourage them to Live Like They Believe. The siblings share many interests off stage in the outdoors which has inspired their song writing from skiing every winter, surfing together every year in Cape Cod, traveling to different countries and participating in mission trips, backpacking trips, slack lining and many more things 🙂 Music is in their blood and hearts and they are on a mission to share it with the world.

– Next Steps –
Auguste and Alden plan to finish their 2018 Road Warrior Tour which they have independently booked, heading to showcase in Nashville in April, to record and release a new CD “HOMELAND” in the near spring, shooting more live and performance music videos, continue writing together and booking more and more shows around the East Coast and anywhere their music takes them.

Honey and Soul

Honey & Soul is a singer-songwriter based out of Burlington, Vermont. Her sound is smooth and sultry with a hint of sass, and is reminiscent of soul, blues, jazz, and folk music. She takes inspiration from many parts of life; such as the passing of the seasons, empowered and imperfect people, crushing heart-ache, and crush-able humans. She falls in love often – with rain, cellos, strangers, that orange color in the sunrise, familiar eyes, the blood red inside of a fresh beet, and the quiet and tender place after storms subside. She is not afraid to melt into her own softness and does so with elegant bravery that is both moving and a joy to behold.

Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward is an up and coming singer-songwriter hailing from Princeton, New Jersey. Her vocal intonation and silky guitar licks draw upon the influences of Carole King, Jason Isbell, Dallas Green, James Taylor and more. Her poetic lyrics and enveloping instrumental accompaniment are only a few of the musical attributes that define her as a true modern day troubadour. Her craft is not artificial or contrived- it is the raw expression of an unrefined soul.

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