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Giovanina Bucci Duo

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bar & Restaurant: 5:00pm

7:00pm to 9:00pm

All Ages FREE

Giovanina Bucci

Singer/songwriter, Giovanina Bucci, has been busy since 2004 performing for small and large crowds alike from her snowy hometown in upstate NY to the sunny beaches of the US Virgin Islands. A self-taught musician, Giovanina credits her strong musical genes (her grandfather was a local well-known saxophonist) and growing up in a house where jazz and blues played constantly. A great love for song has led Giovanina to explore her talents with pen and paper and her 6-string. Her style blends elements of blues and folk to create a rhythmic undercurrent to her poignant lyrics of love and life’s simplicities.

It is in these simplicities that Giovanina has found a renewed interest and appreciation for songwriting, ‘…I’m inspired by smaller ideas, thoughts, and experiences, both my own and other peoples. Each song is personal and simple in its own way… sometimes there’s rhyming, sometimes there’s not – I don’t really have a formula. I’m okay with that. I don’t have a formula for anything. Songwriting is a unique process for every musician. Some start with a guitar riff, some with a lyric, some must write by candlelight… I’m a sit down, write a song from beginning to end type of songwriter, like chugging a huge glass of water and slamming it down once you’ve taken the last gulp – that’s how it works for me. I’ll get one line stuck in my head, that line provokes a feeling; a mood for the sound I want to create and then between chord progression, style, and rhythm I try to achieve that.’

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