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JGB Tuesdays

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doors: 9:00pm

18+ $10 // 21+ $5

Cats Under the Stars: A Tribute to the Jerry Garcia Band

Cats Under The Stars brings you the tunes of the Jerry Garcia Band with authenticity. Our intentions, pure and simple, are to create good times, dancing, great music, and an experience you will not soon forget. Come see “Cats on the bandstand”.

Andy Lugo

Andy Lugo sings socially conscious songs presented with a skater attitude in a voice uniquely his own. His music is an amalgam of funk, reggae, hip-hop, nasty rock hooks, and sing-along choruses that make you think:”United we fall, divided we stand,” “Hope is a must.”Fifteen years of honing his chops on the streets, in bars, and concert stages all over New England has paid off. Andy Lugo has an infectious stage presence and has developed his sound: a sound that at times evokes Sublime, Michael Framti, Smashing Pumpkins, and Jimmy Hendrix. In the words of one reviewer “Lugo is something of a cross between Everlast and Peter Gabriel. That may seem an odd combination, but it works, especially during the acoustic breaks.”Lugo first picked up the guitar in Colorado when he was 19 years old as an emotional outlet from a family tragedy. Over the past decade his Burlington, Vermont, band Second Agenda “have become something of a scene cornerstone,” according to Sevendays’ music editor Dan Bolles.”My songs are about dark and light, “Lugo says. They are subconscious creations and as a lyricist he is constantly trying to make sense of the human condition. Unlike songwriters who thrive in the abyss, Lugo’s lyrics about pain and depression always rebound-the light wins over darkness and a solution is reached, such in song “Transmission.”His songs are invariably about positive messages-or as Andy calls it, the light. One of his most personal songs is “Bob Lives” a reggae tinged tune that was created on Bob Marley’s compound in Nine Mile Jamaica under the auspicious witness of a black cat who’s the sole inhabitant of Marley’s house.Lugo’s solo shows add another dimension to his songs. The riffs played on his black acoustic guitar firmly adhere his words to the core of his philosophy and draws the listener deep into his artistic web, offering a curative refuge from the world we live in.

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