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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bar & Restaurant: 5:00pm

Doors: 9:00pm

18+ $10 // 21+ $5


Burlington Vermont’s Smooth Antics stands 8 strong, delivering an energetic and dynamic neo-soul/funk concoction. Stephanie Heaghney controls audiences through movement and melody, while the band delivers backbeat grooves, infused with jazz influenced harmony and driving horn lines.


Unlike any band you’ve ever heard – or seen! First, the bands ability to take a song from any genre and make it truly their own, and seamlessly go between genres is rare indeed! An all-out up tempo funky number can be followed up by a traditional jazz band tune, which then could be followed by a Stevie Wonder tune. Add in their groove heavy and very catchy originals; both instrumental and vocal, and you’ve got a mix that is not so easy to categorize.
The second thing you realize is you see 4 people, but you’re hearing 5….5? Pre-recorded? Samples? Someone hiding out of sight? No, it is the 8-string guitar of Todd Clancy…..”the what?” you may ask? Yes, 8-string guitar, an instrument invented and popularized; so-to speak, by the great Charlie Hunter, that is both bass and guitar at the same time (Todd wants a raise, guys…) When asked – slack jawed by me, how in the hell do you do that!?! He humbly answers “I try not to think about it…” and prefers to point out how lucky he is to be playing with such “high caliber players, that are also great people.” Indeed!
Todd’s rhythm section battering mate is PJ Holaday, and if one were to listen with their eyes closed, one would swear it was someone in their 40’s and very well seasoned, only to open your eyes and see a guy who has yet to hit the quarter century mark! And, he is just as much fun to watch, for anything within arms reach; walls, beer bottles, becomes part of his arsenal! And, to tip the scales even more to the ” so unfair” side, it is his brother Jared on saxophone, who will also leave you speechless. Jared Holaday and his monster talent contain all the knowledge of every genre that has used a saxophone. You want the fire and funk of Lenny Pickett? You want the soul/gospel of Cannonball Adderly? You want Coltrane? BOOM! Jared is your man! Take for instance the fact that they play Ravels Bolero – no charts, and slam into a jumpy go-go tune by the Greyboy All-Stars…I mean, who does that?
As if all this talent were not enough, they have a singer, and of course she has some serious pipes! Blair Leavitt; new addition to the band, has a voice that sounds as well seasoned as the Holaday brothers respective talents. Her ability to go from the torch-song stylings of the 30’s tune Undecided, to pseudo-yodel country in All Apologies (Nirvana…yes…I’m serious) and then the growl of a blues and r&b belter, will have you shaking your head in amazement.
As I have seen this band a few times, I am struck by how they can fit in in any environment. In the small restaurant, I along with those around me, were astounded that a band could pull all this off and not be blaringly loud. At an out door event, I watched older people, baby-boomers, yuppies, Bo-bo’s, hipsters, college kids, teenagers, and of course toddlers, all locked in and enjoying themselves. Just as enjoyable, was watching the guys in LUX enjoying what each other was laying down! Catch them when you can, and I guarantee you will be talking for a week about it!
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