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Metal Monday ft. Mythology

with Hraesvelgr and Wretched Abomination

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bar & Restaurant: 7:00pm

Doors: 9:00pm

18+ $5 // 21+ $3


Black/Death metal since 2004.

Lord Gallows – Vocals, Guitar
Narroth – Drums
Kolossus – Bass
Raithus – Guitar


Born of the mighty NH forests and mountains, Hr├Žsvelgr first made their bleak existence known to man in 2007. Shortly thereafter, a new breed of black metal was wrought from the from the frozen NH mountains. This NHBM, as it came to be known, paid homage to the ancient might of the Norsemen, the majesty of the Northlands, and the bleakness and hatred intrinsically linked to Human existence. The result is a sound that is bleak and depressing, yet simultaneously hateful and violent. Hr├Žsvelgr is music to kill yourself to.

Wretched Abomination

Brutal metal.

Josh Morris – Bass
Jeremy Linehan – Drums
Tyler Amell – Guitar
Kris Trader – Vocals

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