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Patrick Sampson

Saturday, February 27, 2016

7:00pm to 9:00pm

All Ages FREE

Patrick Sampson

Patrick Sampson is a young singer songwriter that has taken musicians, many times his age, by total surprise. His ability to create music and lyrics has people saying he reminds them of such names as a young James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and even Tracy Chapman. “He has an old soul.”, they say.

Patrick was born and raised in a small community in northern New York on the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Before picking up the guitar, he was a typical kid that played basketball, sang in the school chorus, went to the movies and hung out with his friends.

One of the most fascinating things about Patrick is that he only started playing guitar and singing just over a year ago. In about August of 2014 Patrick asked his parents for a guitar. He had never had a lesson and never sang other than the usual high school chorus. He came downstairs three days after getting the guitar and played and sang a song for his parents. They looked at each other in amazement and when they asked where he had learned to play guitar and what song it was he just sang he said, “I learned to play off YouTube and I wrote the song did you like it?”

The old saying that “the rest is history” is so true.

In April of 2015, Patrick started playing live at local bars and restaurants.  While doing his own original music on stage, Patrick will jam out to covers from Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Bon Iver,Foy Vance.  He even does a mash up of songs he put together featuring Ed Sheeran and Eminem.  He can sing songs that can make you get lost in the moment and the music, but he can also have you cheering and singing along. He puts on a show that, surprisingly to those who have not yet experienced him live, appeals to all ages; everyone from the very young, through each generation up to the most senior. Another one of the fascinating things about him is that people just get caught up in his performance, his vocals, and ability to deliver that they do not want to leave until he is done. They will stay for hours.
He recently returned from recording his first album at Zac Brown’s “Southern Ground Nashville” recording studio. Grammy winning Brandon Bell was the sound engineer on the album and is credited as a producer along with Patrick and his father, Ed Sampson. The musicians were some of the most talented they have ever encountered at Southern Ground: Josh Day playing drums and percussion, Ethan Ballinger who plays anything with a neck and strings on it, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, etc., Jimmy Wallace on keys, who brought special life to songs with his organ and piano playing, and Brian Allen on bass. Brian plays everything on the album from electric bass guitar to the upright full bass using a bow on the song Blue Flame along with Ethan Ballinger on a 1965 Gibson G35 that was one of those moments during recording that after the song was finished no one could say a word. The musicians that worked on his album all emphasized, to his father, how gifted Patrick is at the young age of 16 and and that they have known people who have been writing music for a much longer time and they would give anything to have his talent. Coming from musicians who play with Sara Bareillis, Jennifer Nettles, The Wall Flowers, Kenny Wayne Shepard and Maroon Five it was the highest of compliments from one musician to another.
Patrick’s first album, “The Wanderer”, was released in January of 2016 and is available for download from major music outlets such as Google Play, Amazon and iTunes.
He is used to people looking a little skeptical when they see or hear someone of his age is the entertainment for the night. But it is the most rewarding when he earns their respect and admiration for his music. He is a very humble and respectful young man who is touring with his father and they do all the work together. He will tell you that while it can be a lot of work, he is having the time of his life and thankful for every minute of it. Patrick will also tell you while he and his dad have a bond no one can break, his mom is his biggest fan! His two sisters, Sadie and Samantha, will keep him grounded as he is the youngest sibling and they tell him “even if you do get famous you’re still waiting to use the bathroom until we are ready!”
Patrick’s future plans for now are to promote “The Wanderer” and tour to as many new areas of the country as possible, all in hopes of gathering new admirers of his music and who will join him on his life’s journey.  Sharing the love of music with people is the most rewarding for him. He is at his happiest singing to anyone who will listen.
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