Nectar's Restaurant Live Music in Burlington, Vermont!

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The Mangroves

with People Like You and Phantom Airwave

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bar & Restaurant: 5:00pm

Doors: 9:00pm

21+ $5

The Mangroves

Formed two years ago, The Mangroves have become the place to go to let loose from the stresses of the work-week and love lives. Taking over the New England festival circuit, The Mangroves developed a devoted following that has spread throughout the entire East coast. With the upcoming release of their EP, ‘The Grand Scheme’, recorded by Grammy award-winning audio engineer Brian Warwick, The Mangroves have a bright future ahead.

The band will spend the summer touring in clubs and festivals across the US. The funky groove-oriented quartet is comprised of organ, bass, guitar, and drums. Fans love their explosive jams and seductive scales; If a room isn’t dancing simply put The Mangroves on stage and every night will be a Saturday night explosion.

When asked what it is like to hear The Mangroves for the first time, drummer Ian MacGregor states – “When listening to The Grand Scheme, there is only one place to go – funk town.” Bassist Austin Beveridge describes The Mangroves’ sound as “Rocket-fueled funk that can lift you into the stratosphere.” More often than not, you can find The Mangroves creating a cocktail of musical expression in a club or festival, in their kitchen cooking up funky-fresh grooves, or in their front yard turning the neighborhood into a surprise block party for everyone.

With the pending release of their first music video, the anticipation among their fans has become palpable. All you need to fall in love with The Mangroves is to listen to their music– and you’re hooked.

People Like You

People Like You is a freewheelin’ freak folk band from Portsmouth, NH. It’s music by the people, for the people, with no specific “people” in mind. Juxtaposing psychedelic alt-rock madness and gypsy-folk mischief with curious vocal/lyrical content and bizarre pop sensibilities, the sound is charismatic, inspired, a bit haunting, kooky, and captivating. It is strange, yet familiar like a new friend you swear you’ve known all of your life. It’s the kind of thing that’ll kick your brain, rattle your bones, drop your jaw, tickle your fancy, turn your head and make you say, “Huh… I can get down with that.” The shows are amusing to say the least and an open invitation for everyday people, the straights, the freakers, and the funkies to get in on it, get weird, have a ball, and be a part of it all. It’s in the name – People Like You.

Reality distorting stage antics and offhand chitchat that tugs at your head and heart strings will at times leave the audience at a loss for words, until a whimsically solicited crowd interaction or an unpredictably seamless transition back into the music breaks the silence. Their freaky, folksy songs can take a trip anywhere at any time, bending and breaking genres along the way. The singer/songwriter tandem of Eli Elkus and Andrew Polakow is what psychedelic babies are made of. The two writers compliment one another so effortlessly, at times it is difficult to tell who is writing (or singing) what. It is so uncanny, they are often mistaken for brothers (Elkus’ brother is in the band, but it is drummer Max Elkus). The arrangements, groove changes, and melodic components of the songs are so intriguing it is sensibly easy to overlook the anomalous lyricism that is the nucleus of the two wordsmiths’ psychedelic brain-child. If you can, in the midst of dancing the heels off your shoes to Max’s jazz-driven grooves, feeling the colors of Rob Littlefield’s bass rumble your stomach, the ivory of Justin Sheriff’s keys tickle your ears, and the banter between Andrew’s atypical electric guitar tonalities and Eli’s flamenco-esque barehanded rhythms, lend an ear (or two… or three!) to the words that are being sung.

No matter the venue, be it a backyard or a barroom, the music makes the people move. People Like You keeps people on their toes and noggins nodding from the first beat to the last. One does not observe a People Like You show, by attending, you become part of it. This animated band of troubadours is taking their freak folk sound and reinventing the live show experience as we know it and the people are coming out of the woodwork to see what the hullabaloo is all about as the band is quickly gaining a cult-like following of People People. And for once, it truly is about the people… as they say at most every show, “We’re just People Like You!” It’s a family thing. 


Phantom Airwave

Phantom Airwave is a 5 piece rock, soul, and funk outfit from all over Vermont. Phantom focuses their energy on producing a wide variety of home-brewed original music that dynamically moves through everything from deep funk to classic soul and into the stratosphere of progressive rock and modern hip hop. While the band does take great pride in their original compositions, you can be sure that they know their way around some classic hits from rock staples to modern pop hits. Some  played by the books for those looking for something familiar and  some crafted to fit the funky fresh sound that Phantom has crafted over their 5 years of development. Prepare yourself for a  proper get down cause that’s the only party Phantom know how to play. Bring your dance shoes, leave your worries at the door, and prepare your mind grapes for the wild array of sonic signals from Phantom Airwave.

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