Nectar's Restaurant Live Music in Burlington, Vermont!

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Toys for Tots Benefit Concert ft

Near North, Kinky Creature, Bombardier To Pilot & Semus the Great


Friday, November 23, 2012

9:00pm to 2:00am

21+ $5 or a Toy

Near North

Through a haze of whiskey-breath and snowflakes comes Near North, a quartet from Franklin County with a unique brand of energetic Americana.

Bombardier To Pilot

Bombardier to Pilot is from Burlington, Vermont. Bringing their own spin to the pop-punk scene, they found a unique sound that, in under a year, has roped in a sturdy following. Their soon to be released five track EP entitled I Just Had To Get This Off My Chest (Produced by Ace Enders) brings a new level of passion, dedication, and sound to the table.

Kinky Creature

The men of Kinky Creature pile filth on top of love; blend heartbreak and swagger. Finding only a little lifeblood left in the indie rock vein of the last fifteen years, they take as they like and bury the rest in fuzz and chime. The sound is an unlikely elemental fusion of aching guitar and synth work with Bonham-esque percussive tornadoes and a slinky, always vaguely menacing low end. This is music for the first orgy after a rough break-up; a gentle nostalgic tear may fall from your chin as your body becomes a writhing sexual dynamo.

On stage, this surprisingly tender intensity is enhanced by a mischievous sense of humor and the constant threat of refined and delightful depravity, making a Kinky Creature show the kind of life affirming experience that usually gets someone laid.

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