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Restaurant Menu


Signature Burgers

Nectar’s Smash Burger

5oz Burger, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle OR Onion w/ American Cheese & Nectar’s Burger Sauce – $11.50

Add Bacon – $2

Double Smash

Two 4oz Patties, Toasted Roll, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, American Cheese, Foil-Wrapped  $13.95

VT Bacon Cheeseburger

Maple Candied Bacon, Cabot Cheddar, Cracked Peppercorn Dijonnaise

8oz: $15.50    5oz: $13.50

Chicken Tender Burger

Two Chicken Tenders, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, American Cheese – $11.50

Veggie Burger

Homemade Falafel-esque Veggie Burger , Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Grilled Onions & Peppers. Served grilled or fried – $10.50

Vegetarian option available for all signature burgers

The Burger

Our burgers are ground in-house daily from hand-selected cuts of USDA choice beef. All burgers come with your choice of toppings and our famous fries or tots

* Substitute salad for $2

8oz: $11.95                    5oz: $9.95

Free Toppings:

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Green Pepper, Pickles


American, Cheddar-Jack, Swiss – $1.00

VT Cheddar, Blue Cheese – $1.50

Additional Toppings:

Jalapeno, Frizzled Onions – $1.00

Bacon, Fried Egg – $2.00

Candied Bacon – $2.50


Housemade Dressings

Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Maple Balsamic, Russian Dressing & Tiger Sauce

Additional Dressing

$.75 each

Fresh Salads

Garden Salad

A classic Garden Salad of Mesclun Greens and a variety of Fresh Vegetables.


Small: $5.95
Large: $7.95

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Mixed Greens, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Blue Cheese Crumbles & Choice of Dressing


Wedge Salad

Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Crumbled Bacon and Homemade Ranch


Salad Add-Ons

Jalepenos – $1.00

Bacon – $1.50

Chicken Tenders – $3.95


Fries and Tots

Poutine (Gravy & Cheese Curds)



Small: $3.95
Large: $5.95

Gravy and Cheese

Small: $6.50
Large: $8.50

Seasoned Fries

Toss your fries in any one of our DRY RUBS!

Garlic Parmesan • Rattlesnake • House Rub

Small: $4.95
Large: $6.95

Extra Gravy – $1 Extra Cheese – $1.50

World Famous Gravy Fries

Small: $4.95
Large: $6.95


Small: $5.50
Large: $7.95


Fried Chicken Sandwich

Brined chicken breast, fried and served on a house roll with spicy slaw and pickles


Jerk Chicken Bahn Mi

Grilled jerk chicken served on a sub roll with pickled vegetables, cucumber and cilantro


Steak & Cheese

Seasoned thinly sliced beef, sautéed with onion & green peppers, served on a sub roll with your choice of cheese


Roasted Seasonal Veggie Sandwich

Goat cheese, oven roasted seasonal vegetables on a roll with a lemon-garlic tahini sauce


Small Plates

Mac & Cheese

Four Cheese Blend Topped with Panko


Vegan Chili

Housemade Vegan Chili with Tempeh & Black Beans


Tot-Chos and Fry-Chos

Fries or tots topped with pico de gallo & melted cheddar jack cheese. Served with salsa & sour cream.

Small: $6.95
Large: $9.95


Jumbo Boneless Chicken Tenders

Giant Chicken tenders served naked or tossed in a sauce of your choice. One dressing (dip) per three tenders

Small: 3pc. - $6.95
Large: 6pc. -$12.95

Burlington’s Biggest Wings

All sauces and rubs created from scratch, in-house!


Maple Garlic– Roasted Garlic and VT Maple Syrup.

Bar B Que– Put some South in yo’ mouth!

Jerk – We promise you won’t find a more authentic Jamaican Jerk recipe outside of Jamaica.

Korean BBQ – A sweet, salty, spicy concoction full of Umami flavor!  “Umami, a savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes. (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness and saltiness)

Maple Sriracha – A balanced blend of Vermont Maple Syrup and Sriracha Chili Sauce wtih a hint of lime.

Buffalo – Our take on the Classic!

Garlic Parmesan Dry Rub – Italian seasoning and garlic, crusted in delicious Parmesan cheese

Rattlesnake Dry Rub – Chili, Cumin and a touch of hone. . . a southwestern flavor with bite!

Want more heat?


One Pepper = The Eagles

Two Peppers = Creedence Clearwater Revival

Three Peppers = Early Led Zeppelin


Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Maple Balsamic & Tiger Sauce

* Add fries, tots or side salad to any order of tenders or wings for $2

Large: $13.95 (8 total)

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